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In my efforts to get the word out about, I have written a jingle.  Take a listen to it on Soundcloud below.

I have a goal to get more exposure to the website and to all the female musicians who have listings inside of it.  To make that happen, I'm doing everything within my power and budget to drive traffic to the website, Facebook fan page and this blog.

I envision this jingle being played on radio, television and any other possible media outlets to bring more female musicians to the site, encouraging them to create their own pages and to bring more engaging traffic to the site to make it very much worth their while to be listed there.

If you would like to help me reach my goal, my campaign can be found at or directly on the main website at

My hope is the make THE place to look when someone is trying to find just the right female musician for their project.  I want them to be able to be listed within the website for free, yet have real exposure that gets them REAL RESULTS.

If the website makes money organically through people entering sweepstakes, trying out products, taking a look at sponsored advertisers, etc., there can be regular blog posts, newsletters, press releases and other means of advertising that will help highlight all the musicians without them needing to pay membership fees. This will also help me keep the website going and improving it year after year.

Thanks for your support!

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Hello Fellow Music Lover.

I'm Giovanna Westwood, and I'm a female bass player/vocalist as well as the creator of You can find out more about me on my About Me page within this website or at

Origin of

I created in 2009 out of my own love and passion for music and my admiration for other women who have influenced me and who have made their mark in the music industry as females in command of their instruments.

From the beginning, I had lofty but very attainable goals for the website.  Most of which involve my ability to effectively give exposure to up-and-coming female musicians and recognition to those who are already more well-known or even lesser-known but accomplished.

I created from the ground up, from scratch. I added a newsletter, a blog, a Facebook fan page and a Youtube Channel to help increase the visibility of the musicians within the website as well as the site itself.

However, I had no idea of all the work and maintenance involved in taking care of it in a way that would keep everything current within the website, blog, newsletter, and social media as well as keeping in contact with all the people who email me on a regular basis.

So, with that being said, it brings me to why I have created these videos and pages within the website.  I am asking for your support.

If you feel the way I do and would like to see this website and all the women within it flourish and grow because of the exposure it can bring them, I urge you to continue to read further on this page, or if you're watching this on video, please watch through to the end of the final video, and give your support. You'll see exactly why your support will help me to keep this website in operation, growing in viewership and realizing the vision I have to help all the female musicians within it get maximum exposure.

Exactly How Can You Help Support and Improve

It's easy to help keep this website alive and growing!

A monetary donation is always welcome.  Just hit the "DONATE" button you see on this page or anywhere throughout the site, and give what you can securely through PayPal.  Even $1.00 can help!

However, I want to share with you that your support doesn't have to equate to a monetary donation.  I have a simple way that you can actually put $20 or more in your pocket through a limited promotion that Netspend has been running and, at the same time, help support! 

Netspend is a trusted company, and getting your FREE $20 (or more) is not difficult to do.  If you want to actually make money by supporting the website, just click on the link below, or go to the "SPECIAL OFFERS" page I've created inside the website to claim your free money.  You could actually use Netspend to help pay for your holidays, next vacation or whatever you'd like to!  Scroll down or click HERE to watch the video that shows more in detail about how to get your free money.

You can also support by entering into featured sweepstakes or by trying out a service such as Explore Talent.  Go to the "SPECIAL OFFERS" page within the website to enter contests for free and try products and services. In doing so, you will help bring revenue to help keep the site going.

Another way you can support for free is by clicking on any words you find in a green color and underlined in green.  When you visit those links, you'll be supporting the advertisers behind them and bringing revenue into the site.  Here is an example:

Exactly How Will Your Support Effect

Your support will help provide continuing webhosting for

Your support will help me finish and add new individual pages for well-known and lesser-known female musicians.


Your support will help me upgrade the design and layout of the website.

Your support will help me create banners and other promotional materials to be used to expand the visibility and increase traffic coming to the website on a daily basis.  With your help, I will be able to buy advertising and/or hire help to promote I will use solo ads, hire social bookmarking assistance and have banners created and placed on complimentary websites.

Your support will help to technically upgrade the Female Musicians' Directory and will help keep the Female Musicians' Directory free, even while each member maintains their own premium, full page.

Your support will help the process of outsourcing the jobs of content creation for the Newsletter and blog.

Your support will help me have professional press releases created which will attract more traffic to the website and open up the doors to broader internet promotions.

Your support will assist in reaching other media outlets such as radio and television through professionally done commercials, jingles, etc.

Your support will help to create products that will be relevant and important to female musicians as well as all musicians and entertainers.

Your support will allow me to be able to devote my time to bring to fruition the ideas I've expressed here, and more, to expand the reach and social impact of

My goal is to monetize to the point where revenues are regularly generated from ads on the site, products and services the site provides, email marketing campaigns, sponsorship from business interests, etc. allowing the website and all related activities to operate in the black financially, providing each featured musician with very satisfactory exposure and revenues to help maintain all necessary operations.

Please, sign up for our newsletter found below or on the homepage of the website.  I will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the campaign, on the progress of the website and on all the new happenings associated with

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Prince is an undisputed TRUE musician with seemingly unlimited talent, creativity and longevity.

He is also and always has been a supporter of female musicians.  Through the course of his career, he has featured and helped propel the careers of female bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, vocalists and even dancers.

Some of the women he has worked with are:

Candy Dulfer - Saxophonist
Sheila "E" Escovedo - Drums/Percussions/Vocals
Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman - Guitarist and Keyboardist
Rhonda Smith - Bass
Susanna Hoffs - Guitar (The Bangles) Prince wrote "Manic Monday", which the Bangles recorded.
Vanity 6 Feat. Apollonia - Vocals
Jill Jones - Vocals
Ingrid Chavez - Vocals
Rosie Gaines - Vocals
Sheena Easton - Vocals
Carmen Electra - Dancer/Actress

His performances with "3rdEyeGirl" and "The New Power Generation" on the Arsenio Hall Show on March 5, 2014 were exciting, powerful and continued in his tradition of supporting and featuring strong female musicians.  He also featured in a solo performance vocalist Liv Warfield and her song "Soul Lifted".

"3rdEyeGirl's" Hanna Ford Welton on drums, Donna Grantis on guitar, and Ida Nielsen on bass laid a strong foundation for Prince as his rhythm section.

If you missed the Arsenio Hall Show, you can see all the powerful performances and the full episode right here.  And you can best believe, baby, this is REAL MUSIC!  Enjoy!

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl "FunkNRoll"

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl "She's Always In My Hair"

Prince and The New Power Generation "Mutiny"

Liv Warfield "Soul Lifted"

Prince on The Arsenio Hall Show - FULL EPISODE

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Subscribe to's Youtube Channel

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cruise Ship Performer Horror Story!

Cruise Ship Performer Horror Story!

Written by an Anonymous Cruise Ship Performer who wants to stay "anonymous" for obvious reasons.  

PERSONAL NOTE: This experience does not represent ALL experiences of entertainers working on this or other other cruise lines.  See my further note below this post.

Cruise Ship at Night

Doing a write-up/review about working on cruise ships is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, I'd love to share the majority of horror stories encountered as a cruise ship performer; crappy supervisors that drive you like sled dogs, having to sell out and do sub-standard songs, only to be shit on and ignored, and even dragged into disciplinary meetings, based on a jerk passenger. 

On the other hand; an influx of US musicians, based on a good review, would only put 'me' out of work.  In conclusion, there are 'no' good jobs for musicians on ships; only a job, period.  The longer you stay, the more you get kicked around AND seniority does not count out here.  No unions, no respect, nothing.  Deal with it or move on. 

American Cruise Ship Performers - Not Welcome?

Most of the crew members are non-American, and they hate you, a US employee. And you'll be expected/required to do many more hours of free, non-paid work. Showband players are 'not only' drowned out by 'tracks' in the show, but have to backup passengers singing!, Ala Carnival Superstars.  In other words, unglorified and insulting, demoralizing live Karoake backup.

Carnival Cruise Lines

If you are called into a disciplinary meeting, you will not win, no matter what the circumstances. The passenger or crew member complaint always wins, and supers will gang up on you. 

Since a newer CEO took over for CCL, crew members have encountered tremendous cuts; bad food, cabins that are borderline uncomfortable with the 'reduction' of air conditioning, all to save a few bucks on gas to power the ships. You'll be told that you'll work fair hours on your first contract, but count on those hours being more, and for no extra pay.  Plus, hours of redundant safety training, guest management training, etc, etc. 

Carnival Stage Show
You better be a good game player, and you better have thick-skinned body armor, to work for this company.  If you don't like it, there are dozens of others stateside, waiting to take your job. 

Tipping?  Forget it.  With my job position, I have to tip my cabin steward, the crew mess, the staff mess, etc, but 'I' cannot put out a tip jar!

Sub-standard Treatment and Conditions?

I have to 'lockup' all of my bathroom stuff, meds, or anything that can be tampered with, before my cabin steward cleans my cabin.  Remember that out of 900 crew members, you are one of maybe 6 American crew members.  You are not liked as an American.  I've had cabin stewards put my toothbrush inside themselves, in their anal region, then put them back in my bathroom.  You want to get violently ill?  Come work here.  I've had deodorant tempered with, toothpaste, anything that can purpously tampered with, to force you to miss work, and possibly get fired.  I've been sick many times on ships. 

Cruise Ship at Dock
Other misc situations?  I've gone through numerous hurricanes; Ike, Irene, etc.  The front office wants to save fuel money, so we go 'through' them.  I've been in 40 foot high seas, and even sent self-shot video of hurricane Ike, while on the ship, to CNN I Report, which actually aired on CNN. It's miserable rocking and sometimes terrifying.  I was on a ship a while back, that had a screw (Propeller shaft,) break, but the captain drove it back home anyway, at 1/4 speed, through 15 ft. seas, just to meet a deadline.  If we would have lost the 'other' propeller, we would have been drifting, powerless, in raging seas.  I've been on ships that were hit by 10 story tall rogue waves, which almost overturned the ship.  I've sat on a ship, that was anchored in a bay, riding out a hurricane, for 2 days. 

In conclusion, I don't recommend this job to anyone, unless you are desperate.  I challenge any and all to persons to challenge me on this information submitted, and I'll remain anonymous, in case I have to do, yet one more miserable contract...

End of Post Written by Anonymous.

MY PERSONAL NOTE:  According to another entertainer I personally know who has gone out on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and had great experiences, never go onto a cruise ship as a "crew member". Always go on as a "guest", and this type of experience may be avoided.

CLICK HERE to talk about your experiences as a cruise ship musician.  You can comment anonymously if you'd like.  You're also welcome to comment inside this post.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Phenomenal Female Instrumentalists

Three Phenomenal Female Instrumentalists

Written by Guest Blogger Nani C.

Music is a driving factor in how we identify ourselves as people.  Music defines our culture and community, and what we identify with can say a lot about who we are as people.  While big pop musicians like Britney Spears, Pink, or Katy Perry get a ton of attention, many listeners look for females that focus more on their adept understanding of instruments over their vocals and outrageous stage shows.

Dame Evelyn Glennie

Dame Evelyn Glennie is one of the most interesting and important female instrumentalists of our time.  As a jack of all trades as it were in music, she is able to play a wide variety of music. She performs with a number of orchestras and contemporary musicians and gives over 100 concerts per year, four months of which are spent in the US.  She also takes part in master classes and music in schools performances.  She is often seen playing percussion, though she is also well known for playing the Great Highland Bagpipes.  One of the more interesting things about Glennie is the fact that she has been profoundly deaf since the age of 12.  While musicians in the past have succeeded this way, how does she perform with an orchestra and stay in line with them?  She often plays barefoot and feels the music through her feet. She is an amazing instrumentalist that has had an amazing career.  If you ever get the chance, try to catch her live at some point.

Clora Bryant

Clora Bryant is a well-respected jazz “Trumpetiste” that does more than just play.  She is also known for her singing and lectures, but her start came from her jazz career behind the trumpet. She has had a long and beautiful career working with people like Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Billy Daniels and Billy Williams.  She was also the first American female jazz musician to play in the Soviet Union, at the request of Mikhail Gorbachev. 

Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn

For those that have a sweet spot for the stringed instruments, few women are as well respected as Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn currently.  She became famous in the UK in her childhood, appearing on televisions shows involving classical music and conservative style.  She made her professional debut at the age of 10 in 1998 at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Fesitval in Germany followed by her concerto debut with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London the same year.  She is also the youngest soloist to record Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos.  As she aged and entered her later teens she started to break out of the classical style and changed to a more flashy, sexy style in music videos donning stylish outfits.  In 1995, she released a pop album called The Violin Player followed two years later by an appearance with Janet Jackson on the album The Velvet Rope playing solo in the title track.  While collaborations have brought her fame, she has also released albums of her own compositions such as the 1997 album China Girl: The Classical Album 2.

Nani C. is a writer for  If you are interested in a career as a musician, take a look at this site to help you learn what you need to do.