Thursday, April 15, 2010

Valaida Snow - 1930's Female Jazz Trumpet Player


Born - June 2, 1903
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Died - May 30, 1956

Valaida Snow was an African American jazz musician and entertainer.  Raised on the road in a show-business family, she learned to play cello, bass, banjo, violin, mandolin, harp, accordion, clarinet, trumpet, and saxophone at professional levels by the time she was 15.  She also sang and danced.

After focusing on the trumpet, she quickly became so famous at the instrument that she was named "Little Louis" after Louis Armstrong, who used to call her the world's second best jazz trumpet player besides himself. She played concerts throughout the USA, Europe and China. 

Her most successful period was in the 1930s when she became the toast of London and Paris.  Around this time she recorded her hit song, "High Hat, Trumpet, and Rhythm."  She performed in the Ethel Waters show, "Rhapsody In Black", in New York.

In the mid-30s she made films with her husband, Ananais Berry, of the Berry Brothers dancing troupe.  After playing New York's Apollo Theater, she revisited Europe and the Far East for more shows and films.

Later she became addicted to morphine.  While touring through Denmark in 1941, she was arrested by the Nazis and probably kept at Vestre F├Žngsel, a Danish prison in Copenhagen that was run by the Nazis, before being released on a prisoner exchange in May 1942.  According to jazz historian Scott Yanow, "she never emotionally recovered from the experience".  She later married Earl Edwards.  In the 1950s, she was unable to regain her former success.

Valaida Snow died of a brain hemorrhage on May 30, 1956 in New York City, backstage during a performance at the Palace Theater.

(Excerpt From Wikipedia)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Highlighting The Female Musicians of!

When I created a little over a year ago in March of 2009, I had a vision...A vision to have a place where women who play instruments could be found by creating a Female Musicians' Directory

But before I created the directory, I also wanted the website to help clear up a lot of questions I, myself, had as a working musician in various stages of my professional career.....How do you get into a band?  How do you get your original music protected?  How do you make money with your music?  How do you keep your head above water while you're trying to "make it"?  The list
of things I've learned over time goes on and on. 

Through the resources within, I wanted to help reduce the learning curve for other musicians who may be up and coming.

In the beginning, it was just a vision, and there was no one to be listed within the directory.  However, I am very happy to report that there are a number of female musicians listed within the directory now - and each and every one of them is a precious gem!  See them all right here.  Enjoy!

Anna Gilbert

Anna Gilbert is an award winning American singer-songwriter and pianist born and raised in Oregon.  She has self-produced two albums, and her third album is produced by Grammy Award winner Charlie Peacock.  Her latest EP "Like a River" is produced by Sam Ashworth.  Find Anna Gilbert's music at and her latest EP "Like a River" on Anna Gilbert - Like a River - EP and Cdbaby.

See Anna's listing and video of her performances within "Female Musicians' Directory" right now!

Ava Lemert welcomes female alto-saxophone player, Ava Lemert, to the Female Musicians’ Directory!  Ava is an independent artist, songwriter, sax player, vocalist and a true talent with heart, drive and ambition!

See one of her live performances highlighted right here, and support her new album “ From My Soul available right now over at . Ava Lemert's a sister out there who’s truly doing her thing!

I met her through Twitter.  She supported my efforts with my website and really seemed to see my vision very early on in my website's development.  I truly appreciate you, Ava!

Ella Woods welcomes female vocalist, Ella Woods, to the Female Musicians’ Directory!  Ella is a professional vocalist and the leader of the group in Europe, called "The Magic Platters" listed with the Agency Etoile-Productions.beYou can find her CD entitled Ella Sings Ella on Ella Woods - Ella Sings Ella. 

Go to the Female Musicians’ Directory to connect with Ella through her listing!  You can also visit Ella's site at


Ghada Youssef contacted me all the way from Egypt!  Please enjoy one of Ghada's performances right here within the "Female Musicians' Directory".  Thank you, Ghada, and welcome!

Lori Lynner

Little Extremes welcomes female vocalist and guitar player, Lori Lynner, to the Female Musicians' Directory

Lori is a professional singer with over 20 years' experience, live and in the studio, and also plays rhythm, acoustic and electric guitars.  She produced an original rock/pop CD entitled "Little Extremes", which received extensive airplay on "XM Radio".

Go to the Female Musicians’ Directory to connect with Lori through her listing!  You can also visit Lori's site at

Rochelle Coatney

Rochelle Coatney is the female drummer for “Hollyboots”.  Enjoy some of their upcoming performances if you happen to be in the Southern California area.  Connect with Rochelle and "Hollyboots" through her listing within the "Female Musicians' Directory".

In January 2008 "The Hollyboots Band" was formed.  Rochelle Coatney Drummer/Percussionist) joined the band later that year in September and immediately went into the studio to record drums and percussion for this project.  "Rocky", as she is affectionately known, ties the band together with her brilliant dynamics, fills, and grooves on drums.  This project has been five years in the making, and everyone is excited to get the show on the road.  You can check out the band on Facebook or Myspace at

"Hollyboots" has released new music!  Search for Hollyboots.

   Tovia "On Drums" Bradley

Tovia is one of the funkiest female drummers out there, and I'm honored to have her listing inside the Female Musicians' DirectoryShe's the former drummer for "Johnny Guitar Watson". Tovia can also be found performing with "JGW" on "The Dream of Dr King".  This is a dream
come true for her and her now passed-on mentor.  This single collabortion is released to share with the world, and is released for NON-PROFIT purposes to give back to various foundations. You can get your copy at

See  Tovia's listing and some of her performances  "Female Musicians' Directory".  Thank you, Tovia!

Trei (pronounced "Tree") is the first female vocalist to list within the site, and I'm very excited and happy to welcome her to the directory!  She found out about through an article I wrote and published on on "How To Recognize a Good Overseas Band Booking Agency".  

Trei's Intro
Trei has been blessed with a tremendous gift of music as well an ability to connect with the audience.  Her musical repertoire is extensive ranging from classics such as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Chaka Khan, to contemporary jazz artist such as Diana Krall, Anita Baker, as well as today's hottest acts like Beyonce.

Trei is in process of creating her new CD.  Check out one of her previous releases, Trei's Intro!

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