Sunday, March 7, 2010

CYNTHIA ROBINSON - Female Trumpet Player and Funk Pioneer!



Born January 12th 
Sacramento, California

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Cynthia Robinson, along with Sly, was part of "Sly and The Stoners" in 1966.  Through her years with Sly & The Family Stone, she was notable for being one of the first black, female trumpet players in a major American band.  She has performed in recent years on many stages through the US and Europe playing with P-Funk maestro George Clinton, Larry Graham and Prince, and at Sinbad's Aruba Summer Soul Festival with fellow S&TFS members, Rose Stone, Jerry Martini, Larry Graham & Graham Central Station.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Thanks to All The Fans of's Fan Page!'s Fan Page is for everybody that thinks it's pretty cool to see a woman with total command over her instrument - playing and doing her thing! I know I think it's pretty cool, and that's where it all began back in March of 2009 (actually, it all began when I picked up an old guitar and started playing it like a bass at 10 years old!). It's also very cool to see a dynamite vocalist that can work an audience into an emotional nirvana!

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