Sunday, January 31, 2010

Handling Lean Times When Music Gigs Are Scarce

I know from my own experience how difficult it can be to try to work a regular 9 to 5 job and pursue a full-time career as a musician. Sometimes, one or the other thing suffers. You might have a late gig and have to deal with getting up to go to work early the next morning. You might want to fulfill a commitment to do a travelling gig and feel guilty about asking for time off to pursue your passion.

Other times, you just want to play music and take each day as it comes. During times like those, if I wasn’t working a steady music gig overseas or with a band that worked regularly, I’ve done all kinds of odd jobs to be able to comfortably pursue my music and make my ends meet. Sometimes the living I’ve made wasn’t always so comfortable, but it was those times that led me to things that really helped me either earn more money, or stretch the money I already had.

Thankfully, I have skills I can use in the regular work force to fall back on, and sometimes a regular job can be necessary, for example, to give you stability to be able to buy a new home. Or maybe to provide a springboard to help you proceed on your journey to true financial independence.

Part of my goal for creating is to help people find ways to make extra money on their own time while working on their music careers.

Some of the resources in the site are things I’ve personally done, will do, or that I’m doing right now. People I know personally are using some of these resources to make money. They’re making money from home working on their own time doing legitimate customer service and office support work. They’re also working as musicians selling their own music using TuneCore, Songcast, CDBaby and other legitimate music distribution resources.

In order to make to be as helpful a site as possible, please feel free to leave your comments about other resources you’ve had success with. I’ll add them into the site to keep all the information current.

Hope you can find some great information you can use at and in my blog posts. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jazz Women of the 30's and 40's

I'm very thankful for footage like this which shows those ladies that have gone before us. These talented women show a commitment to perfection of their abilities on their instruments.

This blog is a way for me to help bring attention to female instrumentalists - obscure and well-known as well as up and coming women players.

I look forward to making Female-musician's Blog a place where you can get great information and enjoy yourself at the same time. Your constructive comments and suggestions are welcome!