Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Did you all know that as musicians, we are "in business" for ourselves?  Or, at least, we should modify our mindsets to think of ourselves and talents as we would think of a valuable product - booking agents, managers, producers and others do, don't they?

When "sharks" see a meal, and they're hungry, they want to eat!

Well, if you know enough NOT to go where the sharks hang out and are able to cross from point A to point Z without having to let the sharks eat you, why not?

Knowledge IS power!

Just as we promote www.Female-Musician.com through social media, blogs, etc, we are also "promoting" all the female musicians within it, which gives all the women who have pages inside the site more visibility.  

Just do a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo for "female musician" or "famous female musicians" (among many other keywords), and you'll find that Female-Musician.com comes up on the first pages of all of them!

That means, when you have a page or a listing inside the website, and people are looking for ladies who know how to play instruments, whether they're famous or less well-known, YOU are going to come up on the first page of all these search engines!  YOU WILL be found!


Promoting Yourself Is A Lot Like Promoting ANY Product or Service

As a musician myself, I realize that the same way we promote our website, is the same way I should be promoting myself, my music and my band!  

Female-Musician.com and all the services we have through it are all to help YOU be EMPOWERED.  If you want to learn more about how to promote yourself, sign up for our newsletter to the right on this page, and you will get 7 FREE ebooks that will help guide you into ways you may not have thought of - from building a list to marketing your video and music and even how to create a successful marketing plan.

Don't let the "sharks" have their way with you!  You've got the power!

Bookmark and share our website.  Use our free tools, information, products and paid promotional services to help you in any avenue in your career you'd like to go.

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